One of my favorite questions to ask people is if they were named after anything. Sometimes (usually) the answer is no and I have to wave off my curiosity with an oh haha, don’t sweat it, obviously your parents just didn’t care enough to name you after something meaningful (that last part is of course … More Namesake

Home Sweet Nyon

This is my new home in Nyon, Switzerland: Between the fine Swiss cuisine of my host mom, a class full of internationally inspired peers and #GenevaLakeLife, settling in the past few weeks has been a breeze…for the most part. Some initial thoughts in no particular order that provide a some insight into my new life: … More Home Sweet Nyon


About a week ago, I traded 77 Swiss francs for a train ticket from Geneva to Saas-Fee, a small ski town in the Swiss Alps. My friend Zach (for more information on Zach visit his Facebook page here or you can find him on LinkedIn) did the same, and a few minutes later we were … More Alp-ecdote

Guilty, As Charged.

I know you. In fact I know what is running through your head this very second. Something along the lines of this: great, another study abroad blog. Guilty, as charged. This semester I am aboard in Geneva, Switzerland studying international relations and multilateral diplomacy along with some Français on the side. And THIS my friends, … More Guilty, As Charged.